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Kategorie: BMW F33


Windblocker BMW F33


Our real glass windblocker offers an ideal solution for your BMW F33.

A windblocker for the perfectionist and the individualist. Especially developed for passengers in the rear, providing them with excellent protection against the wind. And this effect is still very noticeable in the front too.

I replaces about 70 percent of the original wind-blocker.

€ 329,00

Product features

  • Clear visibility means it can be left in the car at all times.
  • Easily assembled, no drilling, installed by even a total amateur in a maximum of 5 minutes.
  • Perfect visual match with the roll bars, no wobbling or fluttering.
  • With TÜV approval, no additional inspection entry or type approval necessary.
  • ESG tempered safety glass with quality mark, totally immune to scratches, non-dazzle and firmly attached, easy to clean.
  • Screen can be customised by the addition of your own logo in ‘sand-blasted’ finish. See specimen illustrations under Service.


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Brand: BMW
Model: BMW F33
Order number: WSB-033
Price: 329,00

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