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TÜV approval

All our wind-blockers are registered with the German Patent and Trademark Office and are supplied with TÜV approval.

No additional inspection entry or type approval necessary.

Only in October 2014, when producing the reports for our newly developed Audi A3 wind-blocker, we commissioned TÜV Saarland to undertake an additional, exhaustive test. Here are some extracts from the written assessment:

“… I have just been dealing with the trial. I assumed a deceleration of the vehicle of 50 G. With the glass weighing 0.680 kg, that would mean that in a collision and with this deceleration, the weight of the glass would be increased to 50 x 9.81 x 0.68 = 333.5 N (34 kg). Both the mounting and the glass, as well as the clamping system, can withstand this load with ease.

Please find the report enclosed …”

No additional inspection entry or type approval necessary.

specimen TÜV approval as a PDF file.

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