Windblocker Chrysler Crossfire

WSC-016-A lowered form

The windblocker for the perfectionist. Perfect visual match with the roll bars. No wobbling, fluttering of banging on the roll bars. Here in lowered form.

€ 249,00

Product features

  • No brackets, no straps.
  • Totally scratch-proof, dazzle-free and safe.
  • Easily fitted without drilling, even by an amateur, in a maximum of 5 minutes, no special tools required.
  • Can be fitted with or without cap holders.
  • With TÜV approval, no additional inspection entry or type approval necessary.
  • ESG tempered safety glass with quality mark, totally immune to scratches, non-dazzle and firmly attached, easy to clean.
  • Screen can be customised by the addition of your own logo in ‘sand-blasted’ finish. See Service for more details.


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Brand: Chrysler
Model: Crossfire
Order number: WSC-016-A
Price: 249,00

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